Name: Ziyad Alkhaliwi
Position:Co-founder of Petsy store, and Manager of the Oils and Batteries Department at Al-Rashid Tires Company, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Degree: Bachelor’s in Management Information Systems 2014

The Applied Science University in the Kingdom of Bahrain is widely recognized for its commitment to staying abreast of economic developments and implementing scientific and methodological advancements. The faculty is highly effective in delivering information to the students, which is truly commendable.

From a social perspective, the university excels in the practical application of knowledge, making it one of the best in its field. The cooperation between the Student Affairs Department, the Student Council, and the students is exceptional. Active participation in sports and social activities has greatly enriched my interpersonal skills, sense of responsibility, and adaptability.

In my opinion, one of the university’s most notable strengths lies in its continuous communication with its graduates. Through a dedicated graduates’ forum, alumni are able to stay updated on the university’s endeavors and become an integral part of this remarkable institution. It creates a sense of being part of a family.

Overall, I am proud to be associated with the Applied Science University, and I believe my experience there has been instrumental in shaping my personal and professional growth.