College of Administrative Sciences

I am pleased to welcome you to the College of Administrative Sciences at Applied Science University. The College was established in 2005 with the vision to lead in applied learning, teaching, and research in Bahrain and the region. The college has four academic departments that offer five Bachelor programmes and four Master programmes in the following disciplines: Business Management, Accounting and Finance, Management Information Systems and Political Science. These programmes provide students with distinctive undergraduate and postgraduate experience and are well suited to meet the evolving needs of the local and regional market.

The college also offers a Dual-award (single degree) programme validated by London South Bank University (LSBU): The BA (Hons) Business Management, which gives students the opportunity to study a UK degree in Bahrain with work experience and internship ‎opportunities. Upon successfully completing the programme, students are awarded two sets of certificates and transcripts - one from ‎London South Bank University (LSBU) in the UK and one from Applied Science University (ASU) in Bahrain, these awards are recognised by the Higher Education Council in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

College Vision

To lead in applied learning, teaching, and research in Bahrain and the region.

College Mission

To contribute to societal development by ensuring excellence in applied learning and teaching, fostering an excellent student experience, promoting applied research, and strategically engaging with stakeholders and partners.

College Objectives

1. Continue to innovate our portfolio of programs in applied learning and teaching

3. Enhance intellectual contribution in quantity and quality and engage in applied research

2. Create a vibrant learner’s experience

4. Network and engage with local community

5. Develop initiatives that promote collaboration with partners