Admissions requirements

    1. The applicant should obtain a Secondary School Certificate or its equivalent certified by the Ministry of Education in the Kingdom of Bahrain with an average of no less than 60% or equivalent.
    2. applicants with averages below 60% may be admitted in the University, provided that they meet one of the following criteria:
    – They are athletes and artists who represent the Kingdom of Bahrain internationally.
    – Those with at least one year of practical experience following their secondary school certificate.
    – In addition to that, the University Council has the right to decide on applicants with averages below 60%.
    – The number of applicants admitted according to this point (B) can be no more than 5% of the admitted students.
    3. In some programmes, the applicants admitted from non-scientific secondary school fields should pass remedial courses.
    4. All applicants admitted to the University should take a compulsory placement test –determined by the University- to determine their English language level.

    Required documents for Bachelor programmes:

    1. Original Certificate & Transcript of secondary school.
    2. Equivalency of non – Bahraini general secondary school certificate or private school’s certificate.
    3. A copy of valid CPR.
    4. A copy of valid passport.
    5. Personal Photos (required 3).

    Basic details

    Address in the Kingdom of Bahrain

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    Study Programmes for Bachelor’s Degree

    Business Administration
    Accounting and Finance
    Management Information Systems
    Political Science


    Computer Science
    Graphic Design
    Interior Design

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