Admissions requirements

    1. Holding a Bachelor’s Degree or its equivalent from a University or College recognized by the Ministry of Education in the Kingdom of Bahrain

    2. The bachelor’s degree programme should be in the same speciality as the master programme or a similar qualifying field according to the study plan of that speciality; otherwise, the student should pass a number of remedial courses approved by the University and specified by the Concerned Department.

    3. The applicant should be the holder of a Bachelor’s Degree with a GPA of not less than Good or its equivalent to be admitted.

    4. It is required for the applicant to any of the master’s programmes to have the TOEFL certificate or its equivalent with a score not less than 450. Otherwise, the applicant commits during the first year to study and pass two remedial courses taught in English determined by the college. Exempted from this are applicants who pass the English placement test adopted by the University. The applicant should pass an interview conducted by a committee in the Academic Department.

    5. The applicant should pass any tests conducted by the Academic Department when required.

    6. The applicant submits two recommendation letters one of which is preferred to be from a faculty member from the University where the student has graduated.

    7. The applicant should have experience of not less than one year in a relevant professional field, except those obtaining a GPA not less than Very Good or the equivalent, provided that the number of admitted applicants with this exception does not exceed 50% of the total number of students.

    8. The applicant should pass admission test and/or an interview to determine his/her academic level if the Department so requires, and pass remedial courses as specified by the concerned department in light of the qualifications obtained and the performance in the test and interview.

    Required documents for Master programmes:

    1- Original Certificate & Transcript of secondary school.

    2- Equivalency of non – Bahraini general secondary school certificate or private school’s certificate.

    3- Endorsed Original Bachelor Degree’s certificate & transcripts.

    4- A copy of valid Personal ID.

    5- A copy of valid passport.

    6- Personal Photos (required 3).

    7- Two recommendation letters, preferred one from a faculty staff member from the University where the applicant has graduated.

    8- Experience letter (experience of not less than one year) in a relevant professional field, except those obtaining a rate not less than (Very Good) or equivalent.

    Required documents from transferred students:

    In addition to the above mentioned required documents, applicants transferring from other higher educational institutions are requested to provide the followings:

    1- Endorsed Original Transcript.

    2- Endorsed Original withdrawal certificate.

    3- Approved Courses’ description.

    Basic details

    Address in the Kingdom of Bahrain

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    # Name of Institution City / Country Date From Date To Degree Major C.G.P.A./Rating

    Study Programmes for Master’s Degree

    Human Resources Management Business Administration Accounting and Finance Political Science
    Commercial Law Private Law Public Law

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