The third legal dialogue “the impact of training on the success of the lawyer”

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About “The Importance of Training in Building the Personality of the Lawyer”

The Faculty of Law held its distinguished legal dialogue event within its annual scientific and cultural program, tagged with: “The impact of training on the success of the lawyer” on the importance of training in building the personality of the lawyer, which aims to build the personality of the law student in our blessed university, and increase the level of scientific and legal awareness by identifying scientific figures working in the field of administrative and legal work, on Sunday, March 2, 2024 AD in Abdullah Nass Hall, and a group of jurists, headed by His Excellency Mr. Mohammed Al-Jahmi, Director of the Department of Programs and Political Development at the Bahrain Institute for Political Development, and His Excellency Dr. Muhammad Abdulsalam, a faculty member and assistant professor of public law at the College of Law at the Applied Science University, and the dialogue session was moderated by His Excellency Dr. Ayman Al-Hammouri, Assistant Professor of Constitutional Law and Head of the Training Unit at the Faculty of Law, and under the direct supervision and care of Dr. Hussein Bani Issa, Acting Dean of the College and the heads of departments.

Mr. Muhammad Al-Jahmi explained the importance of training in the life of the lawyer, and that it is necessary in building the lawyer’s personality and career, and stressed the need for the trainee to benefit from the atmosphere of legal work in institutions and to identify legal procedures in their practical form, and the trainee must have sober legal qualities and good morals that must be inherent to the lawyer’s personality throughout his professional life, and highlighted the importance of civilized marketing of the lawyer’s personality as he plays this leading role in achieving the demands of followers, in light of Dr. Mohammed Abdulsalam highlighted the legitimacy of the lawyer’s work in the judicial and legislative departments, citing the sources of Islamic law, reason and images of the Bahraini Constitution legislation, highlighting the most important qualities of the lawyer in the practical, ethical and professional field, and stressed the importance of training in formulating his civilized legal personality.

Dr. Ayman Al-Hammouri, Head of the Training Unit at the Faculty of Law, indicated the interest of the university and the Faculty of Law and its administration to achieve the highest quality standards in training students of the Faculty of Law to raise them to the ranks of science, knowledge and practical application in judicial and legal institutions, and in the end many students of the Faculty of Law interacted through their large and striking presence indicating the advancement of the level of effectiveness, as they enriched the dialogue with in-depth legal questions and the dialogue of the guests in a scientific way that won the admiration of the guests who praised the scientific and legal level of the students And their success in the prestigious legal and legislative institutions and law firms in the Kingdom of Bahrain.



Start Time

12:00 am

March 17, 2024

Finish Time

12:00 am

March 18, 2024