A Visit the Bahrain Institute for Political Development:

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Dr. Yasser Al-Khalayleh, Dean of the College of Law, and a group of faculty members at the College (Dr. Hussein Bani Issa / Deputy Dean, Professor Dr. Murad Al-Janabi / Scientific Research Coordinator, Dr. Ramzi Mahmoud Hailat / Head of the Department of Public Law, and Dr. Ali Al-Masada / The Director of Graduate Studies visited the Bahrain Institute for Political Development, and the gentlemen of the Institute expressed their happiness and gratitude to the Dean of the College and the delegation accompanying this visit in order to consolidate the bonds of cooperation, activate the public interest, and support governmental institutions with legal and political orientations, as the College of Law has witnessed a remarkable leap in recent years and topped the Advanced centers in various fields Thus, it confirmed its presence at the forefront of private universities in the Kingdom of Bahrain. This visit covered several aspects in which aspects of cooperation were discussed through:

  1. Adding the institute as an accredited body with the Practical Training and Continuing Education Unit to train students registered in the course.
  2. Participation in writing research between the university and the institute and publishing in their quarterly and annual periodicals.
  3. Seeking the assistance of teaching professors, especially those specializing in constitutional law.

– With their affirmation of the Institute’s desire to begin the process of joint cooperation as soon as possible in a way that suits both parties for mutual benefit.

Start Time

12:00 am

July 18, 2023

Finish Time

12:00 am

August 11, 2023