Code Course Programme Department
1 LAW-111 Introduction to Law Law Law
2 LAW-112 Sources of Obilgation Law Law
3 LAW-121 Principles of Commercial Law Law Law
4 LAW-131 Criminology and Punishment Law Law
5 LAW-132 Public Penal Law Law Law
6 LAW-141 Administrative Law I Law Law
7 LAW-151 Constitutional Law I Law Law
8 LAW-161 Public International Law Law Law
9 LAW-171 Principles Of Economics Law Law
10 LAW-181 Introduction to Islamic Law Law Law
11 LAW-201 Methods of scientific & legal research Law Law
12 LAW-210 Rules of Obligation Law Law
13 LAW-212 Nominated Contracts (Sale and Rent) Law Law
14 LAW-220 Commercial companies and bankruptcy law Law Law
15 LAW-222 Maritime law Law Law
16 LAW-231 Private Penal Law – Part I Law Law
17 LAW-232 Private Penal Law – Part II Law Law
18 LAW-241 Administrative Law II Law Law
19 LAW-251 Constitutional Law II Law Law
20 LAW-262 Humanitarian International Law Law Law
21 LAW-281 Law of personal states Law Law
22 LAW-282 Inheritance, wills & waquf Law Law
23 LAW-311 Labor Law and Social Securities Law Law
24 LAW-312 Intellectual Ownership Law Law
25 LAW-313 Private International Law Law Law
26 LAW-321 Commercial papers Law Law
27 LAW-330 Economic & electronic crimes Law Law
28 LAW-341 Administrative Judicial System Law Law
29 LAW-342 Law of Nationality and Aliens Status Law Law
30 LAW-351 Judicial constitution Law Law
31 LAW-371 Public Finance and Taxation Law Law
32 LAW-381 Fundamentals of Islamic Jurisprudence Law Law
33 LAW-401 Internship Law Law
34 LAW-410 Compulsory Execution & Evidence Law Law
35 LAW-411 Insurance Contracts and Guarantee Law Law
36 LAW-413 Civil and Commercial Code of Procedure Law Law
37 LAW-414 Real & subordinate rights Law Law
38 LAW-415 Practical applications in private law Law Law
39 LAW-422 Arbitration in Civil and Trade Cases Law Law
40 LAW-424 Commercial Electronic Law Law Law
41 LAW-431 Procedure of criminal law Law Law
42 LAW-432 Practical applications in public law Law Law
43 LAW-700 Master?s Thesis Law Law
44 LAW-731 Criminal Law – In Depth Law Law
45 LAW-732 Code of Criminal Procedure ? In Depth Law Law
46 LAW-741 Administrative Law – In Depth Law Law
47 LAW-781 Jurisprudence of Transactions ? In Depth Law Law
48 LAW-800 Master?s Thesis Commercial Law Law
49 LAW-812 Intellectual Property Laws ? in Depth Commercial Law Law
50 LAW-821 Commercial Companies – In Depth Study Commercial Law Law
51 LAW-822 The Laws of Stock Market, Securities and Investment Commercial Law Law