Student Aid to Support the Youth Future


Great attention was given by the University towards supporting the students, which they have been regarded as the core educational process and institutional sustainability. The University did not hesitate to invest in providing all facilities for the student who succeeded an outstanding record or those with financial difficulties and support them in diverse areas, in various ways and from different social level.

This includes support and scholarships that are granted annually by the Student Aid, for outstanding students and those who experience financial difficulties during educational journey as it’s part of the University future investment for youth which enables them to step ahead to accomplish their studies and the improvement of social community in line with the strategies of Higher Education Council in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

During a Committee meeting of the Student Aid that was chaired by Professor Ghassan Aouad, University President and Head of the Committee, an agreement was made to support 76 students in addition for its total number of 229 students who benefited from the Aid since its foundation which concluded 22 graduates, 28 who benefited during the first year then it rose to 60 students and reaching 76 in this year.

Professor Aouad, thanked the Board of Trustees for their generous support and the aids provided for this year as always been since its establishment to help many of University students. He also mentioned that this contribution plays a major role in enhancing the students ‘academic level that allows them to benefit and be initiated in honouring board.