The University Receives Official Recognition in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

A delegation from the University led by Professor Ghassan Aouad, the University President, visited the Jordanian Ambassador HE Rami Al Adwan at The Jordanian Embassy, Kingdom of Bahrain. The delegates concluded academic and administrative members from University: Dr Mohammed Youssif, Vice-President for Administration, Finance and Community Engagement; Dr Khaled Gharaibeh, Acting Senior Adviser for the President for Academic and Development Affair; Dr Ayman Al Dmoor, Acting Dean of Arts and Science College; Dr Jafar Elmughrabi, Acting Dean of College of Law; Dr Yazeed Al Sbou, Acting Dean of Research and Graduate Studies; Dr Ammar Jalamneh, Director of Library and Information Services Directorate and Mr Abdullah Al Khaja, Director of Admin and Finance Directorate.

The visit was conducted after a decision of recognition been confirmed by the committee from Non-Jordanian Higher Education Institutions of Recognition and Certificates Equivalency Directorate and Scientific Research, to recognize the Applied Science University Post and Undergraduate programmes that are offered to their students.

Professor Aouad, expressed his happiness and thanked HE Rami Al Adwan and those who represented the Committee for the recognition. Pointed that this recognize would open doors to step up further and succeed stronger cooperation between the University and the Jordanian Universities to enhance the scientific, cultural and student exchange opportunities. This will also attract more Jordanian students to study in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The Jordanian Ambassador HE Rami Al Adwan was delighted to meet Professor Aouad and the University members, highlighting on the relationship depth between the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, especially in the educational and scientific research field. He also stressed the importance of educational exchange between the two friendly nations.