Applied Science University: First University in Bahrain and the Gulf to Achieve the ISO 21001:2018 Certification

University celebrates the achievement of the ISO 21001:2018 the Standard for the Educational Organizations Management Systems (EOMS) Certification after successfully passing the various audits from the certifying body RICI (Resource Inspection Canada Incorporated), including a 2-day site visit on 6 and 7 October 2019, verifying that all the requirements of the International Standard ISO 2001:2018 are fully met by the University. This is a unique achievement as it makes ASU the first university to receive this prestigious certification in the Kingdom of Bahrain and in the Gulf region as a whole.

This achievement is in line with the University’s strategic plan for the upcoming years, which focuses on achieving international recognition of the total quality of its programs, services, premises and designed to offer the students an empowering environment that fosters creativity and innovation, self-reliance and life-long learning. This also comes in line with the strategic goals of the Higher Education Council and Bahrain Economic Vision 2030, which makes Bahrain a preferred destination for those who seek quality education.


It is worth noticing that the ISO 21001:2018 was developed to help educational institutions establish the necessary policies and procedures which would ensure that students, staff (academic and administrative), beneficiaries’ needs and objectives are met, in addition to the successful level of interaction between those bodies and the educational organization. Getting this certification confirms that the university is strongly committed to the continuous improvement of its management systems and the constant development of its both academic and administrative staff capability to offer its students the best educational experience.

This achievement reflects a new milestone in the series of the University’s recent accomplishments, and it will surely motivate all its members to work smarter to consolidate its status as a world-class institution that is capable of attracting students from inside and outside the Kingdom of Bahrain, thus enhancing its position as a premier educational destination in the region and the world.