Creativity and Learning Environment by the College of Arts and Science

The College of Arts and Sciences focuses its commitments on providing distinguished education by offering various academic programmes in Information Technology, Design and Arts to meet the needs of the local community, stated by Professor Ayman Al Dmoor, The Acting Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Science. As he explained, this will also shape the students’ integrated personality through the creation of an influential environment that concludes intellectual creativity and developing of human capital which opens communication links with higher education institutions inside and outside the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Professor Dmoor pointed out that the programmes offered by the college focus on stimulating the students’ intellectual skills, where the college is keen to link academic education with applied training. Moreover, the college is equipped with scientific laboratories, latest technologies and tools that can efficiently enhance the necessary skills and integrate scientific knowledge in students mind.

He added that the College provides a satisfactory innovative environment that deepens students understanding and enriches their educational level. This includes a group of experienced academics with a doctoral backgrounds from well-established educational institutions, who maintains students learning process and help them succeed their desired goals during the study journey.

He also mentioned that the college been able to expand its skills and educational standards to satisfy the needs of the labor market by offering a Bachelor Degrees in Interior Design, Graphic Design and Computer Science. Therefore, the door for admissions and registration is open to students who’s wishing to register in one of the programmes that is taught by the college and benefit from the provided facilities.

And finally he concluded that the college is constantly developing and updating its programmes by looking forward to meet the needs of the labor market and apply the experience gained by the universities for students to stay competitive and to cope with the changes that enable them to ensure prestigious future careers.